Exemplifying Excellence Through Sustainable Service



The International Program initiatives for 2018 – 2022 is "Exemplifying Excellence Through Sustainable Service".


The program initiatives embrace five specific targeted areas:

  • Target I: HBCU for Life : A Call to Action - This target will focus on education with an emphasis on historically black colleges and universities (HBCUs) 

    • Signature Program #CAP- Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority will assist students as they seek college admission by providing guidance and support  in completing the application and enrollment process through this program. 

  • Target II: Women's Healthcare and Wellness

    • Breast Cancer Awareness and Prevention

    • Heart Health

    • Nutrition and Wellness

    • Care for Caregivers

  • Target III: Building Your Economic Legacy

    • Personal Financial Planning and Asset Accumulation

    • Credit Monitoring and Repair

    • Entrepreneurship and the Black Dollar 365

    • Operation AKA Assist

  • Target IV: The Arts!

    • Salute to the Harlem Renaissance

    • Salute to the Black Arts Movement

  • Target V: Global Impact

    • Global Assistance Activities

    • Soles 4 Souls

    • Lions Club International

    • Pillowcase Project

    • Refugees in America Assistance Program (RAAP)


For more information about our international platform, visit our international website at www.aka1908.com and for more information about regional initiatives visit our regional website at www.aka1908/southeastern.